Monday, 14 June 2010

Ahem... Where was I?

Yeah okay, so I haven't been posting and there's alittle bit of news which im sure I have missed and i'll catch up alittle on big game releases later but im back and as im sure you already know, the future of gaming is NOW! That's right, today marks the start of E3 2010 and I plan on bringing you plenty of the news which emerges along with my own special take on what each of the big three is actually doing for you.

Although today is the official start and nothing too big has come yet Microsoft have stolen alittle ahead by giving us alittle pre-conference look at Project Natal, which is now officially 'Kinect'; check the video above to see alittle short clip of how tired you are going to be after playing Wii Sports Kinect Sports!

Now in all honestly this little pre-event from Microsoft is the main reason that's got me posting because heck, i'm excited by what I've seen in that video and although Microsoft's real conference is tonight around 5pm and we'll be learning alot more about what to expect from Kinect, which includes a Star Wars game, this is a very good start from the boys in green. The main reason that I am getting goosebumps though is the thought that Kinect is completely controller free, so if it does what it says on the tin and is priced competitively then Sony's Move controller is blown well out of the water without even getting it's feet wet; which is actually quite sad for them considering Kinect just seem's to be a super evolved form of their Eyetoy.

Dear oh dear, it seem's Sony where so obsessed with beating the Wii remote with their own that they have gone and completely missed Microsoft creeping behind them and setting up a massive pitfall.*

Oh, notice in the video that people are running without needing an £80 perhiperal to stand on? Nintendo might finally have a fight on their hands for this generations winners belt.

*Image possibly coming

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Level Up!

That's 250 levels to be precise! Which can only mean one thing, yeah, I got my PS3 today!

I was so excited with my brand new toy that I hardly put it down all day, though that wasn't really all thanks to the playstation, no, it was mostly due to Heavy Rain which I bought with it. I simply had to finish that game and im posting now in the wee hours after a non-stop game-a-thon and completing it; you want a review? **IT WAS EPIC** and thats all you need to know, im planning on finishing it a couple of times because it's so good I must experience every single other way to complete the game - who would have thought a game almost entirely QTE driven would be so enthralling, unique and glorious?

Oh yeah, the game has alot to do with origami and they even teach you how to make your own little piece as just something extra special in the box, the picture is my attempt, not too shabby huh?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

2010; Year of the...

OK, so i've been working on this picture for a while now and concidently there's been alot of gaming news flying out of all sources, mainly Microsofts X-10 and Nintendo's Media Summits; so it's kind of all come together nicely, as I wanted to post a blog about my views on who is going to have the biggest 2010 and tie it in to a kind of Chinese Zodiac symbol, hence the picture, which isn't my best Photoshopping to date but I wanted to blog so it'll have to do.

Now so far 2010 has kicked off with a huge bang, titles like Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno, MAG, Army of Two 40th Day, Darksiders, Aliens vs Predator and plenty more, somewhat unprecidented for the first two months of a year and still in the next 10 months there's an incredible amount of games and new technology, natal and arc, due.

2010 is most definately one of the biggest years for gaming that i've ever seen in my life.

So this kind of produces a question which is the point of the this blog, who's going to come out on top of this furious melee of big games.. well.. there's only one way to find out.. FIGHT!!.. oh no, that's Harry Hill not me. In my honest opinion this is going to be the best year for you to buy a Wii if you haven't already got one, hardcore gamers I mean you as well, cause quite simply it now has a big catelogue of third and first party games previously released (HOTD:Overkill, Punch Out!!, Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Madworld - to name a few) and it has a huge list of games you will want to buy coming this year (Metroid:Other M, Mario Galaxy 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Red Steel 2 - again, to name a few) but I don't think this is the year of the Wii, nor of the PS3 either.

No that's right, im giving this year to the xbox 360. Sony will have a strong year too, im not ruling them out but again I think they'll come third behind the 360 and the Wii, they've got a semi-strong list featuring God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII and then a new motion controller, Arc, which really I think everyone knows isn't going to take the casual audience the Wii has built up from Nintendo, I mean the casual catelogue on the PS3 just isn't there, so why break the bank switching over for a difference of only graphics. The casual audience doesn't care, that's why we won't see a big PS3 year.

Now the 360 has got some very good games coming this year that will most definately rival that of the juggernaut that will be God of War 3, namely Fable 3 and Halo:Reach, then ontop of that Microsoft are entering into the whole motion control fray but with something quite unique in the form of Project Natal; thats right, they're simply not happy with copying the wiimote, instead they're giving us a controller free experience that will let us interact with the xbox 360 just by waving our arms at what we want or telling it what we want. I think the casual audience would prefer to trade-in their wiimote for this experience instead of a like-for-like and ultimately more expensive one on the PS3.

So to conclude this will probably be one of the biggest years the gaming industry has ever seen and in my opinion Microsoft will reap most of the rewards for this, though Nintendo will certainly be close, and Sony, well, their time hasn't quite come yet. None the less, as someone who loves games and will own all three major consoles, im very excited about whats coming my way!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Holy enormous exciteable news folks! Any fans of the Gamecube's Luigi's Mansion im sure will be with me with cravings for a port or a brand new version of the title on the Wii, especially since the whole pointing IR thing would work so amazenly well with Luigi's vaccuum; but alas there has been virtually no mention of anything like this happening... so far.

Recently, on Destructoid, a post was made about a new trademark being filed by Nintendo of America for Luigi's Mansion; though whether this means there's going to be a new game, a new play control revamp of the game.. or just a mistake, has yet to be confirmed. Of course that doesn't mean we can't get excited by the renewed possibility of something.. that's just what we gamers do!

Here's hoping for some serious Luigi time on the Wii! The poor guy's been left in the dust since Mario decided there's more fun to be had with a certain blue hedgehog.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Press Start

After some long thinking on a name, careful consideration of who made it into the picture, it’s finally time for me to have a blog; heck everyone else is doing it, so why can’t I add my opinions to world wide web?!

This blog of mine is simply going to be me talking about the events, games and consoles of this generation and if anyone cares to listen or I don’t forget I’ve got a blog, maybe I’ll keep on commenting through to the next-gen and so on. So I guess in this first post I should introduce myself and answer some questions which people I’m sure are dying to know about me, things like what sort of fan boy are you, what consoles do you own, and what’s your favourite console.

Well to answer two in one I can tell you that I am a total Wii fanboy and that of course mean’s my favourite console is the Nintendo Wii; now before you write me off as some casual gaming dude that’s only started playing games since the Wii because it’s ‘oh so fun to waggle’ and is making a blog about games to jump on the bandwagon, don’t, I’m probably the furthest thing from that person even though I totally do think it’s ‘oh so fun to waggle’!

Now let me tell you why I’m not that person and also answer another question, I have at one stage owned every console released this generation apart from the latest pspGO but currently I’m only in possession of a Nintendo Wii, xbox 360 and a DSi. Oh, and a gaming PC but I don’t really game much on that, just Football Manager (yeah I’m a sports freak too!). Now back to my point, I love my little Wii despite how much it lets me down on graphics, lack of HD and lack of real developer effort/support bar those that just want to make money on casual cash cows with lots of waggle, I love it because everything about it is Nintendo, and Nintendo rule. It gave me the opportunity to download games that I never played from classic previous systems, (I started with the Sega Mega Drive) it gave me the chance to download those legendary games such as Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64) and Ocarina of Time and have them all in one easily accessible place, it has my favourite system browser, (although the 360’s pushes it really close) and in this generation it gave me insight to a whole lot of new gaming genre’s that I just didn’t like before, FPS for example, if it wasn’t for Metroid Prime 3 I would never have considered buying Resistance 2 because I hated that genre so much, yet the Wii made me like it again; I had such a good time playing MP3 that I wanted more and so turned to my PS3 and ended up really liking the genre. Basically what the Wii did for me was have me search through the snowfall of casual games for anything to play that would be reviewed as good, even if I didn’t like the genre, I would try it again because I needed something to play and eventually because of that and games like MP3 and Fire Emblem and a whole host of others (I’ve played over 70 Wii games I won’t be naming them all) I became the well rounded gamer I am today, willing to give any form of game a shout. Now as I mentioned before, I’ve owned every console of this generation and I’m sure that if you’re reading this you’ll be wondering why on earth would the Wii still be my favourite console if I’ve seen HD gaming on the other two mammoths and well to answer that I’ll tell you my thoughts on the other two; first up the xbox 360, this machine comes close to stealing the pedestal my little Wii sits on but it’s just held at bay because it just doesn’t have the sort of heritage the Wii is coming from, that gaming background that sets Nintendo apart from everyone, that ‘game play first, story later’ mentality. When making the picture for this blog I had the hardest time picking three characters to use from the 360 repertoire because actually when you think about it, the other companies their own brands and characters, Microsoft haven’t really done that for their gaming rendition yet, instead they seem to be focused on bringing just mass games from everywhere else to the machine instead of something like their own Mario and I think that is what keeps that gaming beast in 2nd place for me, even though they’ve got the online market nailed, some fantastic games and are most certainly the machine for first person shooters, it’s just not got that something that makes my Wii top dog.

The PS3 comes a disappointing 3rd, now they have that kind of heritage that Nintendo has, coming from a great background of games and coming off the back of the colossal PS2, they did something wrong and ruined it for me. Now I’m not saying it’s a terrible console, no way, it’s a fantastical piece of machinery with everything you possibly need in it from HD to blu-ray but it just doesn’t have that soul anymore that made the PS2 great, it also has the least appealing system browser and online catalogue to use, I think the mistake it made, or rather the problem it gained, was the 360, when Microsoft brought that console into the gaming war Sony seemed to just want to compete with that and the result was just a high tech machine, not a gaming console. Basically, it feels more like a VCR replacement to me than anything else, though in saying all that I’m still in the process of saving for my second PS3, that when I get I’m sure I will enjoy playing the games that I have missed on it, but at the end of the night it’s going to be left sitting there lifeless while I game my Wii60.

So I’ve kind of rambled on here more than I thought I would in my first post, but I hope that gives you a bit of a good insight into the sort of gamer I am and just how I feel about each of the current generation of consoles; I’m looking forward to bringing you more of my views and rants about any gaming news that swings this way in 2010 and I’m sure there are many people out there who won’t agree with me and hopefully some that will but I’m looking forward to hearing from you cause hey, it’s gamertime!