Monday, 14 June 2010

Ahem... Where was I?

Yeah okay, so I haven't been posting and there's alittle bit of news which im sure I have missed and i'll catch up alittle on big game releases later but im back and as im sure you already know, the future of gaming is NOW! That's right, today marks the start of E3 2010 and I plan on bringing you plenty of the news which emerges along with my own special take on what each of the big three is actually doing for you.

Although today is the official start and nothing too big has come yet Microsoft have stolen alittle ahead by giving us alittle pre-conference look at Project Natal, which is now officially 'Kinect'; check the video above to see alittle short clip of how tired you are going to be after playing Wii Sports Kinect Sports!

Now in all honestly this little pre-event from Microsoft is the main reason that's got me posting because heck, i'm excited by what I've seen in that video and although Microsoft's real conference is tonight around 5pm and we'll be learning alot more about what to expect from Kinect, which includes a Star Wars game, this is a very good start from the boys in green. The main reason that I am getting goosebumps though is the thought that Kinect is completely controller free, so if it does what it says on the tin and is priced competitively then Sony's Move controller is blown well out of the water without even getting it's feet wet; which is actually quite sad for them considering Kinect just seem's to be a super evolved form of their Eyetoy.

Dear oh dear, it seem's Sony where so obsessed with beating the Wii remote with their own that they have gone and completely missed Microsoft creeping behind them and setting up a massive pitfall.*

Oh, notice in the video that people are running without needing an £80 perhiperal to stand on? Nintendo might finally have a fight on their hands for this generations winners belt.

*Image possibly coming

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